Thursday, November 19, 2009

An Experience on the Trading Room Floor

Math and finance major Jordan Willis, of North Easton, Massachusetts, shares his recent experience on the "trading-room floor" in Boston:

"Each week, I meet with fifteen students and our professor, Larry Locke, as we engage in deep conversation and discussion about the many players, firms, and theories energizing the financial markets and institutions of our world. This week, our discussion moved from the familiar surroundings of desks, chalkboard, and Jenks 209, into the city of Boston...the heart of the mutual fund industry, and onto the equity trading floor for Fidelity Investments.
Taking the "T" from Beverly station, and a quick ride on the MBTA Orange Line, we shared in the commute experience of Boston's workforce.

Greeted by the equity floor manager, we were led into a conference room adjacent to the trading floor. From there, students observed the ins and outs of all the action. Multiple screens flickered with live daily reports, CNN Money, and global financial information. Stock-tickers stretched the length of the floor reporting the day’s financial changes and desks packed with monitors featured sophisticated trading and analysis software.

Fidelity emphasized teamwork and social interaction in their workforce – a character-trait not often associated with life on the equity trading floor. Through real-time observations, our questions, and our course Financial Markets and Institutions, we experienced a real sense of operations in global trading."

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