Thursday, October 15, 2009

a visual landscape

When it comes to our visual communication pieces, Gordon College strives for unique design and photography. Our approach to photography is simple....showcase authenticity.

These days, the campus is alive with New England seasonal beauty. Our photography team swept through buildings and classes on campus to share the multifaceted ethos that is Gordon. Capturing interaction between friends, roommates, faculty, studying for exams, and prayer, its been an exciting week of photography on campus.

"Honest and real photos play a crucial role in our design at Gordon College. We strive to create photos that clearly and correctly show our community," said Tim Ferguson-Sauder, who serves as creative director and teaches design to art students on campus. "Every great story emotionally excels further with a powerful image to accompany it," shares Cyndi McMahon of College Communications. "We strive for that accurate and distinctive Gordon-visual in all our pieces."

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