Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Moments in Between Classes

Jonathan Senning, associate professor of mathematics and computer science, writes:

"What does one pray for during a discrete mathematics class? In this case, we prayed for pizza.
"Students in my discrete math class suggested we have lunch with Professor Russ Bjork who teaches their computer science course in the same room 35 minutes later.
"On the appointed day, I found myself riding my bicycle across campus balancing pizza boxes in my arms and wondering what particular thoughts might be causing the smiles on the faces of those who saw me. Joined by my colleague Russ Bjork, we prayed with our students and ate together. Sharing lunch with my students offers great insight into their lives. We laughed and talked about topics from computer science and careers to pets. Between slices, we heard about one student's recent trip to Tokyo, Japan where he presented his summer research using sound to help the blind identify light intensity. Another student, talked about a new contract redesigning a company web page. It was my great joy to share lunch and gain insight the lives of my students."

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