Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dr. Marvin Wilson: Remember the First Hypernikon

Dr. Marvin Wilson, longtime professor of biblical studies and Christian ministries, delivered a sermon that fittingly wrapped up this year's Homecoming Weekend. He drew his talk from many Biblical texts--including Hebrews, Romans, James and Phillipians--and referenced more than a few popular movies and historical figures, including Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Tertullian and Andre Crouch. Download iTunes if you haven't already, and listen to the full sermon.

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chuckseaandski said...

Enjoyed the sermon and have a warm feeling for many of my old Gordon classmates-some of whom make a real difference in these difficult times. Unfortunately, I also see a lost opportunity for Gordon Alumni to correct the hypocritical comments by the "conservative" politicians who claim to follow Jesus but did not protest Pat Robertsons call for assasination/ or his use of donated funds to advance his lobbying/ African mining interests etc. Until we speak up when Christianity is misused in a political controversy we will be viewed as hypocrits.