Saturday, October 24, 2009

From Student to Teacher to Wilderness Therapist

Recent grad, Ashley Higgins ’08, shares what she’s been up to since graduation:

“After graduating, I spent a year with the River Ridge Environmental Education Program teaching underprivileged and privileged youth near Knoxville Tennessee in an experiential/environmental education program. While I didn’t create the program, I did aid in its growth by helping create community ropes days, increasing fundraising and marketing efforts and developing curriculum. I also taught classes in ecology, team-building, herpetology (while handling snakes), sustainability, wilderness survival skills, etc.

This is my second year of post graduate work, and I now serve as a wilderness therapist (or field instructor) in Duchesne, Utah working with groups of up to 12 children ages 13-17 who have addictions, behavioral issues, are suicidal, and/or have severe ADHD. These children are involved in 24/7 outdoor therapy in the Unitas Mountains. We take them on a long mountaineering trip, showing them what they need to survive. We even teach them a Native American method of bow drilling to learn how to bust fires. I am out in the field with the students of 8 days at a time- summer and winter.

While earning my sociology degree as a student at Gordon, I learned a lot that influences what I’m doing today—including learning how to combine theory and practice and being challenged with hard life questions. I also learned a lot from each one of my professors.”

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