Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gordon Leaders Speak About Modern Day Slavery on YouTube

Gordon’s Media Production Manager Anita Coco (left) has been concerned for some time about today’s global problem of human trafficking. So she teamed up with Sarah Durfey ’09 to start a modern abolitionist club on campus. They also joined David Batstone—who was Gordon’s 2009 commencement speaker—to become volunteer leaders and organizers in his international organization known as the Not for Sale Campaign.

Recently, Anita and Sarah spoke on camera with Chris Gilbert, an adjunct communication arts professor at Gordon and local filmmaker. (Their video interview is part of a series of stories Gilbert has shot with some of his former students, Chris Peters ’09, Kristin Schaertel ’09 and Jon Phelps ’08. The team—Lonideo, or local video—has covered a number of other local stories these past summer months, many of which have also aired on BevCam, the cable access television channel in Beverly, Massachusetts. Check out Anita and Sarah’s story on the Lonideo channel on YouTube!

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