Tuesday, August 18, 2009

From a Classroom in Tarija to a Classroom in Wenham

Foster's Daily Democrat recently ran an article on incoming freshman Naara Arnold, a native Bolivian and her journey to attend Gordon College:

Bethany Church missions director Bob Whittet and a team of volunteers walked into a field in Tarija, Bolivia, in 2000 and saw potential through the dust and recently harvested corn stalks.
Nine years later, a school local Seacoast teens helped build is thriving in one of the most impoverished countries in South America, and one of its students is preparing to become the first Bolivian student to attend Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts, where Whittet is an associate professor of Christian ministries.
For 19-year-old Naara Arnold it is the realization of a dream to study art, and for Whittet it is fulfillment of a career spent helping local teens learn through giving to others.

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