Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On the Other Side of the Fence

By Heather Smith (summer intern)
When Judd Meche ’08 was invited to Young Life Club as a high school freshman, he had no idea his life calling was waiting for him. Years later that initial connection fostered a passion for full-time youth ministry.
Keeping the connection alive as a youth ministries major at Gordon, Judd served as a volunteer leader at a local Young Life branch. And just two weeks after graduation he accepted a position as a full-time Young Life staff member in Ridgefield, Connecticut.“I was brought on to oversee day-to-day operations in Ridgefield as the current area director transitions into an area developer role,” he explains. “The bulk of my responsibility is direct ministry planning; executing club meetings, campaigner Bible studies, camp trips; and building relationships with high school and middle school kids. Other responsibilities of my job include communications, recruiting and caring for leaders, and fundraising.”
As he stands on the other side of the fence propelling the ministry he once received, Judd says “I’m learning a lot about being a leader, being an adult, and managing time and resources. I’m in a unique place in life: learning how to be an adult and still relate to teenagers.”
Within his unique placement, Judd says, “I feel honored to be a part of God’s work. He could have sent anyone here to do this job—He could have even done it Himself, but He chose me. I feel like I have a purpose in His Kingdom.”

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