Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Coming to America

Gordon College professor of youth ministries Bob Whittet is on his way to Bolivia with videographer Joe Sommers of Bethany Church in Greenland, New Hampshire, to personally welcome a student to American academics. Bob has been leading groups to Bolivia over the last 10 years for the purpose of constructing the Zuriel School in the city of Tarija, Bolivia. Zuriel has become a major Christian school over the years, and for the first time a graduate of Zuriel is coming to Gordon College.
Bob shares this post from the boarding zone at Logan International Airport:

"Joe and I will be bringing incoming freshman Naara Arnold back to the states when we return next Tuesday. It will be Naara’s first trip to the U.S. and the beginning of her dream of getting her college degree at Gordon. The College has provided Naara with a grant to study at Gordon, and Bethany Church is supporting the remainder of her costs as part of its missions budget.
Years ago Gordon students began the construction of the Zuriel school in an empty cornfield. Today it is a thriving campus. Who would have thought when the group walked into that field that someday a graduate of Zuriel school would be attending Gordon? Naara will be the first Bolivian ever to attend Gordon College."

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