Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Old Town Hall Receives Funding from the State

In today’s Salem News reporter Tom Dalton made an announcement that Old Town Hall received money to work on refurbishing projects in this Gordon-run space:

In the morning state officials held a press conference in the 1816 brick building in Derby Square to announce a $174,000 state grant for renovations. Hours later, at a luncheon in Boston, the former municipal building and marketplace got another $75,000 from American Express’ Partners in Preservation program.

"It's a big day," said Kristina Stevick, codirector of the Institute for Public History at Gordon College, which signed a five-year lease last summer to operate Old Town Hall.

The combined $249,000 will be used to address a long list of projects that includes buying a furnace, reglazing windows, installing structural supports and refurbishing basement bathrooms."

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