Friday, June 19, 2009

Gordon Student Uncovers History Treasures

This past spring, history major Dan Hayner ’09 scoured through old documents, photographs, books and artifacts in the Gordon College archives, each reflecting a part of Gordon’s history as well as New England, religion and media histories. Hayner categorized the collections and wrote brief summaries of each for a new archives page on the Gordon College public website, which is now available at

The archives—housed on the second floor of Jenks Library—contain artifacts, rare books, correspondence, newspapers, magazines and other writings as well as photographs, films, audio recordings and school records from the past two centuries. They include valuable materials for researchers, writers, scholars, authors and filmmakers interested in subjects such as 19th-century evangelical revivals in Boston, New England newspapers, Billy Graham’s young ministry, 18th-, 19th- and 20th-century funeral sermons, Clarendon Street Baptist Church (Gordon’s first campus), British abolitionist William Wilberforce, and a large collection of William Shakespeare materials, among others.

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