Monday, May 25, 2009

Recapturing a Homeric Legacy

Graeme Bird, assistant professor of language and linguistics, recently completed a chapter in a book titled Recapturing a Homeric Legacy: Images and Insights from the Venetus A Manuscript of the Iliad, edited by Casey Dué.

Bird says, “The book deals with the oldest complete manuscript of Homer’s Iliad in existence, Venetus A, which resides in the famous Marciana Library in Venice, Italy. This manuscript dates from the 10th century A.D., but it contains, as well as the Homeric text, detailed commentary dating back to 1,300 years before that.

“In May 2007 a multinational team of scholars and conservators, including myself, traveled to Venice in order to obtain high-resolution images of the manuscript; this book deals both with unique features of the manuscript itself and with the technology involved in acquiring the images.”

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