Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Proloquo2Go: New iPhone App Assists the Disabled

Sam Sennott ’04, along with a colleague, has recently released the Proloquo2Go, a complete communication system for the iPod Touch or iPhone that helps those with developmental disabilities to communicate. Sennott was recently interviewed on Patrick Black’s Teaching All Students blog:

I originally became interested in working with people with disabilities at age 19 when I volunteered at the Michael Carter Lisnow Respite Center in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. It was like a second family for me in no time. I was holding babies with cerebral palsy, leading crafts and outings with adults with developmental disabilites, and starting to learn about teaching and job coaching. It inspired me to get a dual certification degree in special education and elementary education from Gordon College, a fantastic small school by the ocean on the North Shore of Boston, Massachusetts.

Read the rest of the interview, and browse Sam's website, along with this article on the Proloquo2Go in USA Today. And be sure to see the Proloquo2Go in action.


Samuel said...

The image you have posted is not of Proloquo2Go.

Thanks for noticing the story!

Patricia said...

My apologies, Sam! Is this one correct?