Friday, May 22, 2009

Magical Music—A Collaborative Project

Michael Monroe (music faculty) writes:

One thing I really value about our Music Department is the sense of community among the students. Last year when my music history class got to early 18th-century comic opera, particularly the popular and freely borrowing style of John Gay’s The Beggar’s Opera, I got into a spontaneous discussion with the class about the possibility of replacing a paper-writing project with a group opera-writing project. We chickened out for a variety of reasons, but the idea stuck with me, and when I was planning for this year, I realized we had a class very well-suited to the task.

Read more about this collaborative project involving Monroe and his students—Andrew, Austin, Beth, Chris, Christine, Diana, Dina, Ian, Jillian, Joe, Kassandra, Katie, Mary, Nate, and Paul...

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Juliet Applegate said...

I don't know if opera lends itself to committee work, but then how would I know? My musical student, not a music major, still finds great fellowship and joy as part of Gordon's music community.