Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bagpiper Rob Knectle Leads the Class of 2009

Saturday, May 16, Rob Knechtle ’09, communication arts major, led his class in the Commencement procession . . . with his bagpipe! We wondered about his unique instrument and decided to ask him about it before he left Gordon.Q: When/where did you start playing the bagpipes?
Rob: I started playing when I was 14. My cousins and brother picked it up as well while we were vacationing in Nova Scotia. We began taking lessons at the Gaelic College on Cape Breton Island, and I continued to do that each summer
Q: Where do you practice while you’re at Gordon?
Rob: I practice outside if I can. If I play inside, it’s usually too loud. I often go to the Gordon woods to play, but since I’m living off campus, I’ll play at the beach instead.
Q. Do you play often for Gordon?
Rob: I’ve played at Homecoming and a few other events, about four or five times a year.
Q. How do you feel about leading the class procession for graduation?
Rob: It’ll be an honor to lead the class. It feels like an appropriate ending to my time here. I’m a little nervous about leading such a great group of people I’ve come to love.
Q: Who will take over after you leave?
Rob: I heard there is an incoming freshman who might play, but my cousin also enjoys the instrument, so he might pick up where I left off.
Q: You will continue to play the bagpipes once you leave Gordon, right?
Rob: Most definitely. I’d like to learn a few other variations of the instrument, such as the Irish pipes that are played on the soundtrack of Braveheart.
Q. What are your plans after graduation?
Rob: I’m going to be working at a sports camp back home in Connecticut for the summer, but I’d like to visit Scotland at least once.

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