Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mopping from the Heart

He was a watchmaker and then repaired electronics for a while. Later he ran a Christian mission that spread peace from God to the people he served in his home country. After that, he pastored a church for four years. Today he works for Physical Plant and continues to spread God’s peace every time he empties a trash can or cleans a bathroom. He is Leonid Kurochka, originally from Ukraine. “I serve offices and classrooms and buildings all over campus,” he says with passion and seriousness.
Anyone who interacts with Leonid knows he has a servant heart. He smiles easily and loves to break into conversation with anyone. Even though his job doesn’t require him to think deeply (he admits), he enjoys his work immensely because he can interact with faculty and staff. “People speak to me about things other than my job, and I enjoy that.” He loves bringing sunshine and smiles to people. “I do my job from my heart,” he says.
He beams when he tells people that his 20-year-old daughter is getting married soon to a Ukrainian from California. He loves his wife. And he takes his younger daughter swimming in the ocean every day except during the winter.
Leonid is one of many behind-the-scenes staff on Gordon’s campus who sometimes works long hours—but he serves without wanting to be noticed, and with a skip in his step and joy in his heart.

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