Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gordon Sends Student Leaders to 22nd Annual Lead Retreat

The weekend of April 18-20 Gordon sent 152 students to Alton, New Hampshire, to become better equipped to lead. Students from groups such as residence hall staff, Orientation core staff, REC-IM staff and others came together at Brookwoods Conference Center for the 22nd Annual Lead Retreat. Students attended leadership workshops, heard keynote speakers, spent time in groups getting to know each other, relaxed, and dug deeper into their faith. Speakers covered a variety of leadership ministry themes including leading with kindness and dignity, and moving from procrastination to productivity.
These student leaders are in current positions of responsibility with the opportunity to set examples for other students. The weekend away prepared them to lead in the next year and for the rest of their lives. —Alyssa Baxter ’11

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