Thursday, April 16, 2009

Following a Calling in Healthcare

“Having attended public schools all my life, I chose Gordon because I wanted to surround myself with Christians who would challenge and encourage my faith to grow as I pursued what I felt to be a ’calling’ in health care,” says Charae Spuler ’96, nurse practitioner. “I knew Gordon had an excellent academic reputation, but I also chose it over other Christian colleges because the student life policies affirmed biblical standards of living without legalism.
Initially I thought about transferring to a baccalaureate nursing program after my sophomore year but decided I wanted four full years of preparation in Christian community and a bachelor’s degree in biology, which would enable me to get a master’s degree in nursing. On this path I had opportunity to pick up a minor in psychology and take other health-related electives that allowed me to explore ethical issues and wrestle with tough questions regarding the interface of faith and science. Right after graduating from Gordon, I was accepted to a three-year ‘direct entry’ nurse practitioner program for students with non-nursing undergraduate degrees at the MGH Institute of Health Professions in Boston.
Gordon prepared me well for the academic rigors of the program, but, more importantly, for the interpersonal challenges of caring for the sick—witnessing suffering, reconciling issues of death and dying, working well with others in stressful situations. Ultimately I didn't want nursing to be my job but rather my avocation and ministry . . . this is how my Gordon experience made the difference.”
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