Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Êtes-Vous Mariée à un Psychopathe?

Melissa Hardy ’09 and Karen Littlejohn ’09, both French majors, share about a recent French event on campus:
The Quebec Studies class hosted the Quebec author Nadine Bismuth. The conference started with an introduction from Maël-Solen Picard, the public affairs director for the Quebec Government Office of Boston.

Bismuth talked about her published book, a collection of short stories entitled Êtes-Vous Mariée à un Psychopathe? (translation: Are You Married to a Psychopath?). She described her book as an assortment of stories about relationships—particularly between couples—writing from her own life experience.
Bismuth, who last January published a successful novel entitled Scrapbook, was criticized by the literary community for leaving novel writing and publishing in the short story genre. Her response to these critiques? She insists the short story genre is equally as important as novel writing, and short stories deserve respect as individual pieces of art.
Bismuth encouraged students present to attend creative writing workshops, saying her own experience with workshops was a strong influence on her decision to become an author. She concluded her presentation with an open question and answer session.
Following the conference, students and faculty were invited to join Bismuth in Gillies Lounge, where a menu of French cuisine was prepared by Gordon’s own Parisian chef, Pascal Huguet. Gathered in an informal atmosphere, Bismuth continued to divulge more information on her career as a writer.

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