Sunday, November 9, 2008

Biology Professor Receives Award

Dr. Greg Keller, associate professor of biology, recently received the Charles Blake Award for ornithological research from the Nuttall Ornithological Club. “The grant is for a migratory bird project I designed and submitted last month,” he explained. The one-year award includes funds for travel and student assistance. “I’m excited to start selecting study sites, and I’ll be waiting for the return of those warblers,” he said.
Student involvement is key in this project. “I think students gaim a much greater appreciation of science by doing it rather than reading about it,” he says. Dr. Keller’s students, with training, will be able to identify small songbirds and follow these birds, paying attention to their behaviors. “All of these measures will help me understand the differences between sites based on habitat quality,” he says.
“A songbird that weighs the same as four pennies flies 2000 miles over the course of three weeks, and we see them here, foraging enthusiastically to try to make it successfully to South or Central America, Mexico or the West Indies,” says Keller. “It really is a remarkable feat, and we see it here in our very own Gordon College woods twice a year.”
Dr. Keller also participated in En Camino, an event on Friday where school children from Lynn visited the Gordon campus and attended classroom sessions with four science professors. Keller was able to share his love of birds with a classroom full of enthusiastic fourth graders.

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Your Ecology homies @ enmu said...

That is so awesome Greg, congrats. Your entourage at ENMU gives you high fives! Now if you could only use it to get a gut bomb and a pseudo cappuccino...