Monday, October 13, 2008

Homecoming from All Angles

Communication arts students from Jo Kadlecek’s class Writing for the Media covered many aspects of this year’s Homecoming at Gordon. Like citizen journalists, they went to various events throughout the weekend and posted three- to four-sentence stories on each. Below are their stories:

Bagpipes sounded the beginning of Homecoming Weekend with a procession in A. J. Gordon Memorial Chapel during convocation on Friday, October 10 . . . Gordon alumni and retired professor Peter Stine spoke of their experiences since leaving Gordon, offering advice to present students. A movie chronicling Gordon’s history was shown. The tone was set for the weekend: remembering our past and looking to our future. —Caitlin Reynolds ’10

A different kind of award was given to chief honoree Dr. David Franz at the Homecoming convocation on Friday. The man with the idea for the European Seminar—Gordon’s first study abroad program started 50 years ago—wasn't awarded a plaque or certificate. Instead he was awarded a piece of pottery made by a professor at the Gordon in Orvieto semester program. This was just one of many ways the convocation served to connect the past to Gordon’s present and future. —Dawn Godow ’09

Students, alumni, and parents alike crammed into the chapel to celebrate the nostalgic history of Gordon College. The documentary film, A School of Christ, was shown for the first time and included rich interviews, commentary, and a slideshow filled with rare photographs from Gordon's foundation as a missionary training institute in Boston, to its present time and location in beloved Wenham. Although the documentary was professionally produced, some Gordon students such as senior Chris Peters and alumni contributed to the film's creation.—Sam Zimmerman '10

The flag football all-stars put on a show Friday with the red team defeating the blue team 15-12. The game ended with the blue team failing to complete a three-point conversion pass as time expired. Those who came to watch were treated to hot chocolate and cookies.—Timothy Helgesen ’11

On Friday afternoon the Gordon College Bookstore became an inviting place for students to gather and listen to one of their very own mentors. Communication arts professor Jo Kadlecek greeted students and visitors with a smile as she shared from her recently finished book, A Minute before Friday. Tucked cozily in the back corner of the store, listeners enjoyed hearing about the obstacles and revelations that Kadlecek experienced while creating her newest novel. Students also had the chance to hear some of Kadlecek’s impressive skills firsthand as she read excerpts from her book. To top off the afternoon, Kadlecek signed copies of her book and chatted with visitors, giving them a chance to get to know the author. Many copies were sold! —Annie Cameron ’09

On a perfect fall day, the ladies of the Gordon field hockey team took on the Golden Bears of Western New England College. Led by their nine seniors, the team came out with fierce determination. Thirty-nine seconds into the game the Scots scored their first of six goals. Staying strong for all 70 minutes, the Scots defeated WNEC with a final score of 6-0. —Sarah Orlando ’09

The field hockey alumni game did not happen Saturday due to the exciting celebration of Gordon field hockey’s 6-0 win over WNEC. However, alumni got to hit around on the field and play with some old teammates and friends. Although the game did not happen, it was clear that all former players and recent players had a great time seeing each other while being around their favorite sport. —Brittany Roberge ’09

Over 75 energetic runners thundered across the quad early Saturday morning. This occasion marked the annual Scot Trot Race at 9 A.M. on October 11. The group of runners completed a 5K scenic race through the Gordon trails. As smiles turned to desperate gasps toward the end of the race, each runner triumphantly crossed the finish line in good time. —Sarah DiFrances ’10

The sound of chatter coupled with the crack of the bat as alumni and players alike enjoyed the camaraderie. The annual alumni baseball game took place at J. Tec White Field on Saturday, October 11, with the present Fighting Scots taking the win. The three-and-a-half-hour, tight game began and ended with a time of communal prayer. —Alyssa Baxter ’11

The Fighting Scots men's soccer team marched onto the quad to the sound of bagpipes and came off of it with a resounding 4-1 victory over Eastern Nazarene College. Sophomore forward Matt Horth scored three goals and added an assist in the win. While the team had been frustrated early on offense, Horth hit the net in the 41st minute to give the Scots the lead. It would be the start of a great day for the young forward.—Suzanne Hoofnagle '10

Gordon professors sought to give alumni and guests expert advice on the circumstances surrounding the upcoming election. Nate Baxter of communication arts provided information on the media’s influence on the elections, Steve Alter of the history department provided background knowledge on elections that have been similar to that of this year's and Eric Convey, the Tartan advisor, spoke of the importance of being informed by sources that are devoted to government rather than the game of politics. The presentations were followed by a question and answer time as well as discussion.—Natalie Ferjulian '10

The men's alumni lacrosse game drew quite the crowd Saturday afternoon. The beautiful day added to the fun atmosphere as some former teammates battled each other. The two teams got physical with each other, but all in good jest. The score was 11-6, though no one was quite sure who won. —Rob Knechlte '10

Dr. Peter Stine read aloud hearthside at Chester’s Place on Saturday. A red plaid shirt and white beard lent Stine grandfatherly appeal as he read from The Chronicles of Narnia. The beloved former professor read portions of all seven classics, complete with character voices, to the delight of adults and children alike. His adept voice was set to perfection in the ambiance of the Colonial tavern. —Rebekah Tatro ’09

Returning alumni did not leave Gordon’s sunny quad disappointed on Saturday, October 11, of Homecoming Weekend. The women’s soccer team battled it out against Eastern Nazarene College with a 1-0 win. Christin Peters scored the game’s only goal early in the first half. —Jessica Bernardo ’11

Vanilla, black raspberry, and mint chocolate chip filled the quad with excitement. The Ice Cream Social was a hit with all ages on this sunny Saturday afternoon. Alumni were smiling over the cold delight, recalling memories of time spent at Gordon. The event was a success and an ice cream lover’s dream. —Courtney Johnson ’10

The Coy Pond Piranhas outdoor concert went swimmingly. Gordon’s Jazz Ensemble—comprised of students and community members—performed 4:30-5:30 on Saturday afternoon on the Phillips Music Center patio. Featuring vocal soloist alumna Amy Fichera, the band played selections from Lester Young, Thomas Waller, Count Basie, and other jazz legends. With the sun high in the sky, the performance was the perfect compliment to the beautiful fall day. —Cassandra Papia ’11

As Saturday evening crept over Gordon, a quiet reception took place in the Jenks Library Mezzanine Gallery. Tropical colors blazed from 105 photographs, oil paintings and watercolors displayed as part of the “105 Glimpses of Haiti” show. Artist Bryn Gillette ’01, explained how his work represents the children of Homes of Blessing. Gillette recently visited Homes of Blessing (a Christian ministry that nurtures orphans in Haiti), and the proceeds of his resulting show now benefit the children who will glance, stare and smile down from Jenks’ gallery walls until November 15. —Erika Diaz ’10

Brian Glenney, assistant professor of philosophy, hosted this year’s faculty and staff comedy event, NODROG, which he renamed “Egg Off.” The festivities began with a student cracking an egg over Jud Carlberg’s head. The coveted golden dish of apples went to Jim Zingarelli for his comedy routine. Other acts included black belt martial arts moves by Chuck Blend, a hip-hop dance by Dan Tymann, and a Gordon-style rendition of “Summer Nights” by last year’s winners, CET. —Amanda C. Thompson ’11

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Anonymous said...

Nice job, class :) Together you created a vivid picture of homecoming; from the corners of Claymore to the middle of the quad.
It is obvious Kadlececk is still pushing her students as hard as always. Congrats on your book as well as your talented class, Professor :)
~ Rebekah Austin