Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Good Book and Holy Land

On October 24, history faculty from four academic institutions gathered on Gordon College’s campus for a panel presentation on their recent work on the topic, Good Book and Holy Land: Historical Perspectives on Anglo-American Christians’ Critical Engagement with the Middle East. The speakers for this event were recipients of a Scholarly Networking Grant awarded by the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities for 2007-2009.
“Participants are engaged in major research projects related to the papers presented in today’s panel: the grant helps the recipients to meet once a year to give each other critical feedback on those related yet separate projects,” said Dr. Stephen Alter, associate professor and Stephen Phillips Chair of History at Gordon College. “The grant’s additional aim is to support public dissemination of the group’s work, as at this Friday’s panel.”
Topics included “Florence Nightingale, Liberal Anglicans, and the Bible in the Nineteenth Century” by Timothy Larsen from Wheaton College; “America’s Sacred Duty: Near East Relief and the Armenian Crisis, 1915-1930” by Sarah Miglio from the University of Notre Dame; and “Biblical Archaeology and the Defense of Scripture in the Early Career of William Foxwell Albright” by Steve Alter.
The Good Book and Holy Land panel took place on Friday, October 24 in the Ken Olsen Science Center.

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