Thursday, October 16, 2008

Alumni Reach Out in Romania

Life in Lupeni, Romania, is not always easy for Dana ’93 and Brandi (Anderson) ’92 Bates, but they write and live in a way that is open and ready to learn. Since 1995 Dana and Brandi have served in the Jiu Valley of Romania, where they founded Viata (“life”), a summer adventure program styled after Gordon’s La Vida Program. “For the past nine years we have strived in our work with youth, here in the Jiu Valley and throughout Romania, to develop social capital: the social networks and moral norms that promote cooperation for mutual benefit,” they said.
The Bateses also keep a blog entitled The Other Princesses: Raising Briana in Rural Romania, which details the more personal aspects of their life, including their daughter, Briana, now 3 1/2. Topics on the blog include encounters with flower vendors, fear of brown bears, thankfulness for washing machines, and Disney princesses.

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