Thursday, September 25, 2008

Youth Ministry Symposium Branches Out

Gordon College’s annual Youth Ministry Symposium went cross-country today, meeting on the Littleton, Colorado, campus of Denver Seminary.
Started in November 2003 at Gordon College, the symposium is meant to continue the education and training of workers in the field of youth ministry. The symposium has always been free of charge as a way to thank and support attending youth ministers.
This year the symposium gathered over 150 youth workers for the day-long session that addressed the topic of “Media and Its Impact on Adolescent Life and Ministry.” Guest speaker Dr. Walt Mueller, president of the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding, addressed the impacts of media on adolescents, how it shapes their lives, and how youth ministers can effectively respond.
“It gave us the opportunity to highlight all that we offer at Gordon to a large gathering of youth pastors from the front range, many of whom weren’t familiar with the college,” said Bob Whittet, associate director of youth ministries and director of church relations at Gordon. “Youth workers are relational in ministry and in life. Gordon College became part of their relational circle today.”

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