Thursday, September 4, 2008

Good "Hauntings" from the Holy Spirit

“Having an opportunity to travel across the globe and witness the work God is already doing was a highlight for me,” says Jonathan Crawford ’09, who traveled to India this summer with the Summer Mission Program (SMP). “We were able to interact with some people whose lives are being used by God in ways that I have never come across in the U.S. One example was hearing M. Shiamala Baby’s story as a victim of extreme domestic abuse for 10 years. God led her to leave her husband and start an organization that helps women in similar situations as well as other downtrodden people.
"Going to India has made me face a huge question: What is my responsibility in all of this? One of the big ideas that this trip tries to drive home is that the point of a short-term mission trip is not to go somewhere, build a house and pat yourself on the back only to wash your hands and be done with it. I am convinced that short-term mission trips have more to do with impacting the participants than impacting the host country. I think a trip like this will lead to some sort of life transformation, whether great or small. I am sure the question of what my responsibility is in light of what I’ve experienced this May through July will continue to haunt me, but it’s a good haunting, as long as it’s a prodding of the Holy Ghost!”

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