Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cellular Company Reaches New Heights

Wednesday afternoon a crane parked just outside the A. J. Gordon Memorial Chapel. As the crane slowly lifted two men to the height of the steeple, onlookers speculated—Was the steeple in need of a good spring cleaning?
Jim Bagley of Physical Plant says no. "The activity you saw going on at the chapel steeple was Verizon Wireless. They installed a cell site in the steeple last year and found that it was not performing to the desired level and required some rework." Verizon is not the only cellular carrier in the steeple; Sprint and T-Mobile also have a share in the hidden antennae.
Bagley explains what looks like a complicated process: "They are removing some of the original metal steeple exterior sheathing and replacing it with custom-made RF transparent panels to match existing siding. They will then re-aim the antennas already in place to improve their signal coverage." He expects this project to be completed by Monday, September 18.

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