Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jenks 2.0: It’s NOT Your Parents’ Library

Myron Schirer-Suter, director of Library Services (pictured at faculty-staff picnic), offers his Top Ten Tips to Know and Tell for fall 2008:
1. The reference room now has a Flavia coin-operated coffee machine located just a few paces from a student’s favorite Jenks studying spot. With nine coffee flavors to choose from as well as hot cocoa and tea, there is no longer a need to make the late night pilgrimage to Claymore. (Note: Machines only accept change, so steal three of those laundry quarters for your 75-cent caffeine boost.)
2. While robbing the piggy bank may be necessary to feed a caffeine addiction, printing and copying have now been merged and can be paid for with a current Gordon ID at five cents a page. On a brighter note, printings are available in color for 25 cents a page.
3. For those unlucky students without a plasma screen TV overtaking their dorm room: Jenks now has a group study room with a large mounted flat screen TV available to the Gordon community. It can be used as a DVD/VHS player or can be attached to a laptop to display collaborative group work.
4. For those who feel that a flat screen is too excessive for their needs, white boards as well as white board markers and erasers are available at the circulation desk.
5. For those mid study phone calls on the patio of Jenks, two large umbrellas have been installed to make your talking experience more enjoyable.
6. Thanks to the Davis Ed grant, student workers trained to assist you with your researching needs are at your service.
7. Books are now where they should be. Checking inventory was the big project in Jenks this summer meaning that what’s on the shelves is now matching the library catalog. Now you can spend less time scouring book spines and more time reading what’s in them!
8. Attention all audio learners: Jenks selection of downloadable audio books has increased in size. See the circulation desk for more details.
9. Jenks now has access to all online resources provided by the Boston Public Library.
10. As always, Jenks resources are more than just Google. With valuable information available only to the Gordon community, take advantage of the library catalog, electronic databases and periodical lists to accommodate your studying needs. All of which are available through the Gordon website

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