Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gordon Makes History in Salem

The Gordon College Institute for Public History was recently awarded management of Old Town Hall and Salem 1630: Pioneer Village by the City Council of the City of Salem. The Institute will enter into a five-year lease, from 2008-2013 with a possible five-year extension for both properties.
“The securing of these leases gives Gordon College and its Institute for Public History access to two prominent venues for developing its new academic offerings in historical interpretation,” says Cliff Hersey, dean of Global Education. “The two locations at Salem’s Old Town Hall and at Salem 1630: Pioneer Village will give opportunity for Gordon students to study, create and interpret in the very center of America’s most prominent historic city.”
The Boston Globe recently published an article on the new partnership, written by journalist David Rattigan. Read his story HERE.


Bonny Loring said...

Hurray! What a perfect alliance of theater and history and community service! Now the public will hear the whole story of Salem's
significance, the more-than-witches truth. Thank God that Gordon has this opportunity.

Patricia Hanlon said...

Hi Bonny! Thanks for the good words. We're very excited about a Gordon presence in Salem, and excited more generally about the kind of "horizontal" growth of the College that this kind of project exemplifies.