Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gordon College/Notre Dame Ecumenical Dialogue Leads to New Book

For Thomas A. (Tal) Howard, associate professor of history at Gordon, scholars Mark Noll and James Turner were “American reincarnations of the (irenic, erudite) Protestant reformer Philip Melanchthon and the (irenic, erudite) Catholic humanist Desiderius Erasmus.” So he invited them both to campus in the fall of 2006 to discuss differences and similarities in evangelical and Catholic approaches to higher education.
“Faced with the juggernaut of the secular academy,” Howard says, “it simply no longer makes sense for Catholics and evangelicals to pursue education with a self-ghettoizing mentality, in ignorance of what another is doing. Deeper Christian educational purposes are served by greater knowledge of and collaboration with one another.”
The Future of Christian Learning: An Evangelical and Catholic Dialogue (Brazos, 2008), edited by Howard and featuring Noll’s and Turner’s essays, grew out of this very interesting and timely conversation.


Freder1ck said...

Seeing this reminds me that I need to post on sending my kids to Protestant VBS this week. But yes, I agree that the future of Christian education is ecumenical. As Soloviev wrote in his Tale of the Antichrist: «You give us everything, except what interests us, Jesus Christ.»

Patricia Hanlon said...

I heard Noll and Turner when they came to campus in 2006 and was struck by how our differing ecclesiologies affect how we view education. Much food for thought, since we evangelicals, it can be argued, don't really have an ecclesiology!
Hope Protestant VBS went okay for your kids.