Thursday, July 3, 2008

6,000 Kazoos Playing "Amazing Grace"

Silvio Vazquez, V.P. for Enrollment:
“Writing from Salt Lake City, Utah, where Bob Whittet (youth minitry faculty and director of church relations)and I are attending the Evangelical Free Church National Youth Conference, Challenge '08. We've met great kids from throughout the U.S and have spoken with hundreds about Gordon and Christian higher education. As I write this I can hear 6,000 kazoos playing 'Amazing Grace.' We've also given away hundreds of Gordon T-shirts promoting either La Vida, Restore Creation or the College's Biodiesel Processor. That last one has taken quite a bit of explaining. But the response to all has generally been, 'That's so cool!'It's fun to see students wearing Gordon Ts as they walk from session to session.
Both Bob and I agree that we've never been to such an organized, focused and well run youth summit of this size. We hope to come back to the next gathering in two years.”

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