Monday, July 14, 2008

An RD’s Summer

Abi Noble, resident director of Fulton Hall writes:
“This summer is the first one in three years that I won’t be traveling internationally. My husband, John, and I are both staying in the country getting to know our newborn son Henry John Noble. He was born less than a week after graduation, just after everyone had left for the summer. He and his older sister, Grace, are keeping us on our toes! We’re taking this time to get to reconnect with our friends and family—we’re going to Chicago for a wedding and then to Indiana to visit family soon.
I’m enjoying catching up on my reading list—something I don’t get the chance to do during the year as an RD and parent. I’m looking forward to reading Shane Claiborne’s The Irresistible Revolution. We’re also starting a new thing this fall in Fulton that we’re calling Discipleship Coordinators, which is a group of people who will help organize spiritually oriented events and programming in the hall and help foster students’ spiritual growth. So I’m getting ready/excited for that, adjusting to being the parent of two, and relishing summer in New England—it’s so beautiful!”

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