Thursday, June 26, 2008

An Econ Professor's Summer--So Far

Bruce Webb writes:
"This summer I’m getting ready to teach a senior seminar class about the economics of climate change, so I’ve been reading a lot about that. If I were to guess I’d say I’ve gotten together about 30 articles and about a dozen or so books to go through. I’ve read a number of them all the way through and am figuring out how much to use of the rest. Right now for instance I’m trying to figure out how much of The Economics of Climate Change: The Stern Review I want to use—it’s sort of the unavoidable work on the subject, so you have to deal with it somehow.
I’m also working on an ongoing project, which is thinking about the burden of debt we’re passing on to future generations and what our moral and economic obligations are in that. They’re two very related things—how do you best use your resources to fulfill your obligations to the person beside you and the person who may or may not be alive in 300 years? They’re both about what we do now and how they effect future generations.
My wife and I are also looking forward to what we call our “Week of Culture” in the Berkshires, where we like to go every year. There are a number of plays and theater festivals there that we’ll go to, as well as Tanglewood."

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