Monday, June 16, 2008

Finding a Voice at Gordon

Abigail Geer '08 writes:

"I’ve always had a nagging desire to start a newspaper, but never had the means or reason to make that happen. This semester my dream came true. My roommate Maggie Terp and I realized that though Gordon is a scholarly community—a group of people that thinks in its spare time—there was no on-campus venue in which dialogue between students and faculty from all over campus could take place on a regular basis. We prayed about it and God, for lack of a better way to say this, threw The Vox Populi our way. I say that he threw it our way because, even though we put in a lot of work to not only get GCSA approval but to publish four issues in eight weeks, it all came together in ways we could never have predicted or made happen. Not only were people excited about writing things for The Vox, they were excited about reading it too, which was confirmation to us that the Lord was using us to bless the campus. The experience had added meaning for Maggie and me as graduating seniors. Not only was my dream coming true, but she and I had the chance to leave something behind as we left Gordon. The name The Vox Populi means “the people’s voice,” or “the voice of the people,” because our goal in forming the publication was to be just that—a place where people’s voices could be heard. It was a blessing to both of us to be able to leave behind us the empowerment of giving people a chance to be heard.

-Abigail Geer, 08'

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