Friday, June 6, 2008

One professor's summer plans

Graeme Bird, English Department, writes:
"As faculty we experience at the end of each semester a sudden change in schedule – and sometimes the adjustment is hard to deal with! No more teaching, no more grading, no more watching the clock and trying to be on time for the next class or meeting. However, lest it be thought that we all head straight for the beach, here is a sample of one professor’s summer plans.I will keep working with the Core Committee, as we continue to gather and approve course proposals suitable for the new Core; as a total change from that, I will also be helping rehearse a group of singers from the New Life Fine Arts organization, in preparation for a performance in June of part of the original Christian musical historical play “Song on the Wind,” which deals with the earliest interactions between native Americans and English settlers. Other projects I will be working on include: preparations for the recently approved new Linguistics major, encouraging more students to consider the Classics minor, checking the proofs for a chapter in a book dealing with a celebrated medieval manuscript of Homer’s Iliad, preparing a series of lectures to be given to Harvard alumni on a boat cruise to Turkey and the Greek islands, and teaching a group of Third World students – actually most of them leaders in government, business, and human rights organizations – some of the intricacies of elementary mathematics and electronic spreadsheets. Oh, and my family and I will take a short vacation, traveling to Williamsburg and surrounding parts, both for relaxation and in order to explore some of the early history of this country. We may even get to the beach for a couple of days."!

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