Friday, May 16, 2008

Senior Breakfast and the "Seven Gordon Wonders"

This morning 327 graduates attended the senior breakfast at Danversport Yacht Club. President Carlberg polled the seniors to see if they wanted to hold the ceremony outdoors even in the event of poor weather. Every hand shot up in favor of outdoors. (Fingers are crossed.)Dan Kiyoi, senior class vice president, referring to the recent announcement of seven new wonders of the world, offered his own list of "7 Gordon Wonders." They are:
7. Intramural dodge ball
6. Pink package slips in your student mailbox
5. Marv Wilson
4. Golden Goose
3. Brian the "God bless you" man
2. Ginger, Jean and Pat (the "Holy Trinity of the Sandwich Line")
1. Friendship
A senior class slide show was followed by a heartfelt reflection by retiring English professor Peter Stine. In a nuthsell, Stine's message was: "Don't spend your treasure on something that doesn't fit." He reminisced about driving down the "Avenue of Trees" 40 years ago and first hearing God speak to his heart that Gordon was where he should serve. At that time, he estimated he'd remain for only five years.

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