Friday, May 30, 2008

Glenney, Story and Giberson in Venice

“They say Venice is sinking into the Adriatic, but that isn’t putting any damper on the spirits of the participants at the first-ever Venice Summer School on Science & Religion. Gordon College is well-represented at this first summer school at the prestigious and venerable Istituto Veneto, which looks out over Venice’s Grand Canal, the “main street” of this city with no streets.”

I (Karl Giberson) am the program director, responsible for the curriculum and for inviting the speakers. Brian Glenney, assistant professor of philosophy, and Craig Story, associate professor of biology, are two of the 24 participants, selected from among many more applicants on the strength of their proposals for projects. The participants are drawn from many countries—Spain, Italy, Ireland, England, Romania, Norway, France, The Netherlands, New Zealand, as well as Canada and the U.S.

This year’s theme is God & the Laws of Nature and the keynote speakers are John Polkinghorne and Owen Gingerich—who both spoke at Gordon in the past year—and Paul Davies. Davies kicked off the program last night with a presentation, “Faith and the Laws of Nature,” highlighting the deep mystery that underlies the nature and origin of the elegant mathematical laws that undergird our scientific picture of the world and make life possible. Projects like this connect directly to the new Forum on Faith at Science at Gordon, which I direct.

Brian and I are both new to Gordon and very much enjoying our time together here with Craig in Venice. Both of us have enjoyed our introduction to the Gordon community. The picture above was taken in a typical Venetian square just after we had all had generous portions of gelato. I had to buy Brian’s gelato to pay him back for letting me use his computer when I couldn’t get the wireless to work on mine.
P.S. Be sure to read Brian’s abstract on the vssr site.

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