Monday, April 21, 2008

Gordon Panel Tackles "Pop Atheism"

Steven Hunt, associate professor of biblical studies, recently pulled five of his Gordon colleagues together to discuss the current cultural phenomenon of popular atheism—represented by four recent New York Times bestsellers: Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion; Christopher Hitchens’ God Is Not Great; Sam Harris’ The End of Faith; and Daniel Dennett’s Breaking the Spell. The interdisciplinary panel included Bryan Auday (psychology), Greg Carmer (dean of chapel), Mark Gedney (philosophy), Lawrence Holcomb(sociology), and Craig Story (biology). Each spoke, from within his own specialty, about the presuppositions behind the arguments in the books—challenging some of their caricatures of Christians—but, interestingly, each pointed out some of the stronger arguments in these works, noting their appeal in our postmodern culture. In so doing, they challenged Christians to be more thoughtful in their approach to and expression of their faith. They also fielded questions from the roomful of students who attended.

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